Overview about your updraft project settings


If you created at least one app project you can manage everything within the tab Project Settings.
Within the project settings you are able to:
    Adjust the project title
    Adjust the description of your project
    Adjust the app titles of all your apps
    Adjust the environment tag of all your apps
    Chose default app icon
    Delete a project
Project Settings

Edit your app title

If you want to edit the App title or adjust the environment just select your app and click on the icon edit. Don't forget to save your changes.
Edit your App title

Select your app icon (dashboard)

If you have more than one app of your project or different app icons for iOS and Android or all your environments you can easily define which app icon is shown to your users on the dashboard desktop and the dashboard mobile.
    Go to the project settings
    Define from which app of your project you would like to show the app icon
    Check the checkmark
Last modified 1mo ago