Single Release

Single App Release. Create and distribute a specific app version to your testers and groups.

Single App Release lets you send a very specific app version of your desired OS and deployment environment to your testers and groups.

Step 1 Select your specific app version

On the first step of the distribution of an app, you have the possibility to select your app version which you want to distribute. All uploaded app versions of your app will be shown by selecting the dropdown.

  1. Chose your App and your Deployment Environment

  2. Chose your App version

  3. Click on Next.

Step 2 Add release notes

On the second step of distributing a new app release, you have the possibility to adjust the Release Notes. The Release Notes will be shown to your testers and groups within the e-mail notification and the web-installation page. Click Next.

Step 3 Tester & Groups

On the third step of distributing new app release, you have an overview of all testers and groups on your distribution list. You can still deselect testers and groups if you want. If everything is fine click on Next.

Step 4 Review your app release

On the fourth step of distributing a new app release, you have all information together. You see again which build you will distribute, you see the release notes as well to how many testers you will distribute your app release. By clicking on Distribute all added users & groups will get notified by e-mail to install your app.


Are you annoyed to explain to your testers again and again how to install enterprise apps and how to accept unknown sources first?

If you have enabled the Tutorial switcher, Updraft displays your testers a tutorial about how to install Enterprise certified Apps while the download of the app is in progress.

You can choose before sending your app release if the installation link your testers receive should be a one-time link. If it is a one-time link, your testers can only select the link once for the app installation. As soon as they will try to select the link a second time, an error message will appear and the app cannot be downloaded again.

E-mail notification & app installation

If you click on Send release button all your testers and groups you added to your app release will get notified by e-mail. The will get an e-mail from Updraft with all configured information you did. They can just click on the installation button within the e-mail or scan the QR-Code to install your app.

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