App Overview

As soon you created your first app project and added your app you will be redirected to the App Overview. Here you find all information of your Application as well you can add new apps to your project.

App Title

It's the Title your testers will see while they installing your application. You can adjust the title of your app within the project settings.


Deployment Environment: in computer science it's described as a system in which a computer program is deployed and executed. Depending on the development progress of a program or an application, we made a distinction between different environments such as: Development, Build, Test, QA, Staging, Production

The name of the environment you can chose during creation of a new app, if you want to edit your environment, you can do it within the project settings. Such environment name we use as a tag, so you can easily switch between your environments in your project by chosing the environment in the header dropdown.

Switch between your environment within your project

App Key

For each created app Updraft creates an app key. The app key identifies your App in If you are using the Updraft SDK, the CURL Upload or a provided plugin, Updraft then knows exactly to display the right information at the right place.


You can easily upload your files to Updraft by using the CURL command. Copy the CURL command to clipboard and adjust the path to the file. Everything else you find here.

Auto Update

If you integrated the SDK into your app you can enable the Auto Update functionality. Everytime you upload a newer build your testers will be notified to update their current installed version. The complete documentation you can find here.


You can set for each app whether your testers on your distribution list should receive an automatic notification when a new build is uploaded to your app. If you have activated the automatic notification, all your users on the distribution list will receive an email with the possibility to download the last uploaded build.


You can deactivate the download option for any app you like. Once you have deactivated your app, your users will no longer be able to download your app. You can always reactivate your app and your users can download it again with the same URL