Upload Apps with CURL

You can easily upload all your apps with the help of the CURL and the command line to Updraft.

You can easily upload your iOS and Android apps to Updraft using the CURL command to quickly distribute your apps to your testers and team. Just integrate the CURL into your CI pipeline or upload your apps via the command line.

Step 1 Create your app project

Go to Updraft and create your app project

Step 2 Copy the CURL of your app to the clipboard

You can find the CURL of your app on the app overview page.

CURL Upload Example

curl -X PUT 
-F app=@/Users/Admin/Downloads/yourapp.apk
-- http1.1 

CURL Upload with parameters

If you upload your apps using the CURL command, you can also add customized parameters which will be displayed in the build history of your app in Updraft. Some examples of parameters can be found here.

curl -X PUT 
-F app=@/Users/Admin/Downloads/yourapp.apk
-F whats_new=ReleaseNotes
-F custom_branch=Develop
-F git_commit_hash=f6ef9eff9f3b3863546b4555584d0d35bbe88b28
-F bundle_version=1.0.20201015.1430
-F git_url=sh://git@gitlab.appswithlove.net:11111/mytestproject
- http1.1

CURL Upload with parameters if using spaces

If you are using an app file name with space in it, use please the CURL command with apostrophe.

curl -X PUT 
-F 'app=@/Users/Admin/Downloads/yourapp.apk'
-F 'whats_new=ReleaseNotes'
-F 'custom_branch=Develop'
-F 'git_commit_hash=f6ef9eff9f3b3863546b4555584d0d35bbe88b28'
-F 'bundle_version=1.0.20201015.1430'
-F 'git_url=sh://git@gitlab.appswithlove.net:11111/mytestproject'
- https://getupdraft.com/api/app_upload/YourEnvironmentAppKey/YourAPIKey
-- http1.1

Where can I find my API Key?

You can find your API Key in your Profile.

How can I create a new API Key?

You can, just click on the link 'generate new API Key'.

What's the App Key?

The App Key is the exact identifier of your app.

Can I add other parameters?

Yes you can add release notes, build type, your development branch or even your git-tag. More information you can find here.

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