App Store Distribution

With Updraft you can directly upload a build to the App Store Connect.

This feature is available with the Resign-Plan


Upload to the App Store Connect with Updraft

To start uploading a build to the Appstore Connect, go to the Distribution page under Apps > Distribution.

  1. press on the green Distribute-dropdown on the top right and select App Store.

  2. Now you can select an App Store Integration, which you want to use to publish your build and then press on Next.

  3. The next step is to select the App which you want to distribute.

  4. Press on next and Updraft will check if your app exists on the App Store Connect portal. If Updraft found an App, you can proceed.

  5. Now to the fourth page. Here you have an overview with information. Select your build ( default is the newest ) and upload an AppStoreInfo.plist file. If all info's are correct, you can proceed again.

  6. The last step is to press on the Send Release-button. With that, Updraft will upload the build to the App Store Connect portal.


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