Implement the open-source SDK from Updraft and get even better feedback from your beta testers. App distribution done right.

Get better feedback from your beta testers

Getting feedback by your testers was never easier you just need to includ the opensource SDK from Updraft into your code.

The Updraft SDK will help to take your apps to the next level of quality.

The SDK will support you during your alpha and beta testings.

Some of the features included within the SDK

  • Identifying testers and device information

  • Auto-Updates, to make sure your testers testing the latest version of your app

  • Your testers simply need to shake their device or take a screenshot to send a feedback or a bug straight from the app to Updraft.

  • Your testers can draw relevant information onto the screenshot

  • Your testers can add all necessary information about your feedback and just click on send

Manage all received feedbacks from your testers

Prioritize and manage all your Feedbacks

  • Manage all received Feedbacks with the help of the Feedback Dashboard within the Updraft toolpage

  • Close or re-prioritize your feedbacks

  • Export your feedbacks

  • Allow Feedback or disable it for a while if your testing ends or you don't wanna have any feedback

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