Upload your first app versions (builds)

Once you created your first app project and added your first app to it, you are able to upload your first app versions.

You can upload your app versions:

  • manually by drag & drop

  • manually by chosing it from your folder

  • you can use one of our Plugins

  • or you have the possibility to upload your builds via the API/ Curl

We recommend to use one of our provided plugins - it's that simple!

Upload your first app version (build)

Step 1 Go to the build section

Uploading new builds to your app is really simple. Just go to the build tab on the left side bar and click on Upload new build. Be aware that you are staying in the right app.

Step 2 Chose your build to upload

Drag & Drop or chose your build (.ipa or .apk file) from the folder. As soon you selected your file, the file will be uploaded to Updraft.

Step 3 Overview about your uploaded build

As soon you have successfully uploaded you see an overview about your uploaded file. You see the file name and you can delete it which redirects you back to the upload screen. You will see the app title and the environment name to which you are uploading your build. If you want you can add release notes. Such notes your testers will see, as soon they install your application. If you click on save your build will be uploaded to the displayed App & Environment and you will be redirected to the Build History.

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