What's New/ Changelog

Be sure to not miss out on new features and improvements! Release Notes are here.

Version 3.22

With this release we fixed a few more bugs but also some new features :)

Version 3.21

With this release we fixed a few bugs.

  • If your .aab file is already signed we remove the existing signing before Updraft resign it

  • When .aab is resigned there was a false entry in the build history

  • We updated a bug when releasing a single release

Version 3.2

We are thrilled to announce the release of Updraft Version 3.2, packed with exciting new features to enhance your app development experience. In this release, we are introducing a major new feature: the ability to sign iOS and Android apps directly within Updraft without having XCode or Fastlane installed on your computer.

With Updraft Version 3.2, you now have the power to sign your iOS apps and all app extensions using new certificates and provisioning profiles. This means seamless integration into your iOS development workflow, allowing you to streamline the signing process and deploy your apps with confidence.

But that's not all – Updraft Version 3.2 also empowers you to sign your Android App Bundles (AAB files) using your Play Store Keystore. This simplifies the app signing process for Android developers, ensuring smooth deployments to the Google Play Store.

Released May 2024

Version 3.1

  • Discord Integration is now available - get a notification when a new app version or a new feedback is available

  • Cisco Integration in now available - get a notification when a new app version or a new feedback is available directly to your room

  • Webhook and Microsoft Teams Integration contains now the release notes of your app version

  • Custom Download Page for Desktop (Enterprise Only) - your download app landingpage looks exactly like your wishes

  • We renewed the whole billing-system in the background - newly all invoices could be downloadable directly from the Owners Account within the Invoice History. No worries anymore with your accounting! :)

  • Per default when you create a new app, the app is set as private. Only authorized users of your organization are able to download your app - you can change the setting on the Application Overview

Released November 2023

Android app

With the latest release in September 2023, the time has finally come - the Android app is ready in the Play Store

The android app you find here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.getupdraft.app&hl=de&gl=US

iOS app

With the latest release, the time has finally come - the iOS app is ready in the Apple Store.

With the iOS app, enterprise apps can be distributed and installed even faster to your team, your testers or your stakeholders.

The app you find here: https://apps.apple.com/be/app/updraft-app-distribution/id1634613440

Version 3.0

  • Custom Storage S3 (within Enterprise plan)

  • Custom Google Storage (within Enterprise plan)

  • SSO with Okta (within Enterprise plan)

  • Auto-Clean-Up-Builds (within Enterprise plan)

  • Default Key for Android App Bundles

  • Enforce 2FA for single Users

Released 2023

Version 2.9


  • Custom app icon

  • Transfer owner account

  • Apple-Authentication

  • Custom SMTP for enterprise plans

  • Allow other bundle ID or package name

  • Release Notes in Notifications

  • GDPR data export

  • App download limitation for free plan users

Released 2022

Version 2.8


  • Possibility to update E-Mail of account & E-Mail verification process

  • Possibility to delete account if using social login

  • List of organizations: easy redirection to other organizations (with access)

  • App Download:

    • Updraft shows an information message to your users if the enterprise certificate is expired

    • Updraft shows an information message to your users if the minimum OS of the app doesn't match with the device OS

  • SSO Google Workspace within Enterprise plan

Released December 2021

Version 2.7


Released November 2021

Version 2.6


Released September 2021

Version 2.5


Released August 2021

Version 2.4


Released July 2021

Version 2.3


  • Security of an App: Possibility to set if an app is public available or not

  • Build History for Mobile-Web-App: User can install previous app versions with the Mobile-Web-App

  • Change an already uploaded app file: An already uploaded app file (.ipa or .apk) can be exchanged by a new file, without changing the chronology of the app version history.

  • E-Mail notification to a new project member as soon he is added to a project.

  • Updated user list for Owner of an organization with the possibility to change the user role of each user per project

Released 22nd of April 2021

Version 2.2


  • User list for Owner of an Organization

  • Notifications for Project Members about new uploaded app versions (app builds)

Released 2nd of March 2021

Version 2.1.9


  • Beta Releases - one link two apps.

  • One-Time-Link

  • Disable a distributed release

  • Delete a distributed release

  • Detect OS-System of Testers

Released 15th of December 2020

Version 2.1.8


  • We updated the Slack App - everything now according to the newest requirements and of course GDPR save.

  • Installation E-Mail: If you send a new release to your testers or groups within the installation e-mail they receive you find not only a button to install the app also newly a QR-Code.

  • We update the Payment workflow and we are supporting now 3D secure payment

  • At the same time, if we were not able to charge your credit card the end of the monty, you can now change or update your credit card easily.

Released 28th of October 2020

Version 2.1.7


  • Webhook Integration: Easily integrate now your Webhook, to get notified about new uploaded builds or feedbacks.

  • Integration: You can now deactivate or activate your integration.

  • Integration: You can now forward automatically all your received feedbacks or bugs directly to Slack or your prefered Webhook (Zapier, Microsoft Teams, Rocketchat)

  • Build History: We extract and display now the minimum, target and max. API Version from your uploaded .apk

  • Build History: We extract and display the expiry date of your provisioning and distribution profile of your uploaded .ipa

  • Build History: We extract and display now the Minimum supported OS of your uploaded binaries

  • Login & Registration: is now possible with Facebook

Released 11th of September 2020

Version 2.1.6


  • Slack Integration: Every notification now redirects to a specific build, even if there is already a newer build available

  • Build History: Each uploaded build / app version has a separate URL. So you can easily copy & paste the URL and send it to your team.

  • Build History: If you uploading an ad-hoc certified .ipa app, you can now check all added UDID's / devices to check, if you can install the application on them

  • Profile & Account: We improved the UX, so upgrading to a paid plan is now even easier. At the same time you will see an invoice history for the past month & some more statistics about your updraft organization.

Released 7th of May 2020

Version 2.1.5

Released 24th of March 2020


  • Tester & Groups: You can now add single testers by their e-mail address or groups of testers to your app. All this testers are not required to register neither creating an account.

  • Tester & Groups: You can now import all your testers with the help of a .csv file.

Version 2.1.4

Released 5th of January 2020


  • User & Permission: The whole user management is now on project level. You can invite new members to projects. If new members are not updraft users yet, they will get invited

  • Jenkins Plugin published

Version 2.1.3

Released 9th of January 2020


  • The suggestion list of possible names of your environment during the creation of a new app

  • You can now enable & disable e-Mail notifications for new uploaded builds

  • You can now enable & disable if an app should be available for download

  • With the build history you can now find the exact amount of downloads of your builds

Version 2.1.2

Released 16th of December 2019


  • Download the latest Build from the App Settings page by Public Link or QR-Code

  • Improvement of the search functionality on the dashboard

  • New Landingpage

Version 2.1.1

Released 16th of October 2019


  • SignUp with Google

  • Login with Google

  • New Designs for SignUp & Login

  • Adjusted dropdown to select your app


  • Bugfixes for account

  • Bugfixes to upgrade account

Version 2.1

Released 4th of September 2019


  • Completely new visual information hierarchy

  • Improved way to creating App Projects

  • Separate pages for Releases, Builds and Feedback

  • Possibility to create new Releases

  • Re-Named the Distribution History to Release History

  • Build History

  • Possibility to download each build from the build history by using the public link

  • Possibility to download each build from the build history by using a QR-Code

  • Inform users which are trying to download an application on their desktop to open the installation link on their mobile phone or to scan the QR-Code


  • Bugfixes for Android Icon

  • Bugfixes for UTC

Version 1.2

Released 5th of July 2018


  • Demo-Tour. Introducing the tool: how to create your first App-Project with the possibility to add a demo .ipa file.

  • Welcome-Screen

  • Instructions: Enable/disable Instructions on each page with hints how to use a specific function.


  • Bugfixes for Mobile-View

  • Bugfixes for User-Roles

Version 1.1

Released 20th of June 2018


  • Public Link to send your App easily, copy & paste URL

  • New User Roles: Client and Tester

    • Client: Can only install apps he has project access. Can’t distribute app or manage project settings.

    • Tester: Can creates users, give them project access he has access to, can distribute and install builds. Can not upload build or create new app projects

    • Owner has now the possibility to adjust Organzation Name and Subdomain in his profile

  • docs.getupdraft.com

  • Possibility to create empty project to get Environment Key to Upload by CURL, Fastlane or Gradle


  • Subscription GDPR conformal on Landinpage

  • During Registration reading of Privacy and Terms of Use

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