What's New/ Changelog

Be sure to not miss out on new features and improvements!

Version 2.1.7


  • Webhook Integration: Easily integrate now your Webhook, to get notified about new uploaded builds or feedbacks.

  • Integration: You can now deactivate or activate your integration.

  • Integration: You can now forward automatically all your received feedbacks or bugs directly to Slack or your prefered Webhook (Zapier, Microsoft Teams, Rocketchat)

  • Build History: We extract and display now the minimum, target and max. API Version from your uploaded .apk

  • Build History: We extract and display the expiry date of your provisioning and distribution profile of your uploaded .ipa

  • Build History: We extract and display now the Minimum supported OS of your uploaded binaries

  • Login & Registration: is now possible with Facebook

Released 11th of September 2020

Version 2.1.6


  • Slack Integration: Every notification now redirects to a specific build, even if there is already a newer build available

  • Build History: Each uploaded build / app version has a separate URL. So you can easily copy & paste the URL and send it to your team.

  • Build History: If you uploading an ad-hoc certified .ipa app, you can now check all added UDID's / devices to check, if you can install the application on them

  • Profile & Account: We improved the UX, so upgrading to a paid plan is now even easier. At the same time you will see a invoice history for the past month & some more statistics about your updraft organization.

Released 7th of May 2020

Version 2.1.5

Released 24th of March 2020


  • Tester & Groups: You can now add single testers by their e-mail adress or groups of testers to your app. All this testers are not required to register neither creating an account.

  • Tester & Groups: You can now import all your testers with the help of a .csv file.

Version 2.1.4

Released 5th of January 2020


  • User & Permission: The whole user management is now on project level. You can invite new members to projects. If new members are not updraft users yet, they will got invited

  • Jenkins Plugin published

Version 2.1.3

Released 9th of January 2020


  • Suggestion list of possible names of your environment during creation of a new app

  • You can now enable & disable e-Mail notifications for new uploaded builds

  • You can now enable & disable if an app should be available for download

  • With the build history you can now find the exact amount of downloads of your builds

Version 2.1.2

Released 16th of December 2019


  • Download latest Build from the App Settings page by Public Link or QR-Code

  • Improvement of the search functionality on the dashboard

  • New Landingpage

Version 2.1.1

Released 16th of October 2019


  • SignUp with Google

  • Login with Google

  • New Designs for SignUp & Login

  • Adjusted dropdown to select your app


  • Bugfixes for account

  • Bugfixes to upgrade account

Version 2.1

Released 4th of September 2019


  • Completely new visual information hierarchy

  • Improved way to creating App Projects

  • Separate pages for Releases, Builds and Feedback

  • Possibility to create new Releases

  • Re-Named the Distribution History to Release History

  • Build History

  • Possibility to download each build from the build history by using the public link

  • Possibility to download each build from the build history by using a QR-Code

  • Inform users which are trying to download an application on their desktop to open the installation link on their mobile phone or to scan the QR-Code


  • Bugfixes for Android Icon

  • Bugfixes for UTC

Version 1.2

Released 5th of July 2018


  • Demo-Tour. Introducing the tool: how to create your first App-Project with the possibility to add a demo .ipa file.

  • Welcome-Screen

  • Instructions: Enable/disable Instructions on each page with hints how to use a specific function.


  • Bugfixes for Mobile-View

  • Bugfixes for User-Roles

Version 1.1

Released 20th of June 2018


  • Public Link to send your App easily, copy & paste URL

  • New User Roles: Client and Tester

    • Client: Can only install apps he has project access. Can’t distribute app or manage project settings.

    • Tester: Can creates users, give them project access he has access to, can distribute and install builds. Can not upload build or create new app projects

    • Owner has now the possibility to adjust Organzation Name and Subdomain in his profile

  • docs.getupdraft.com

  • Possibility to create empty project to get Environment Key to Upload by CURL, Fastlane or Gradle


  • Subscription GDPR conformal on Landinpage

  • During Registration reading of Privacy and Terms of Use