App Distribution

Easily distribute your app to your end-users, testers and groups.

With Updraft App distribution you can manage quickly all your release to your end users. You have the opportunity to add Testers or Groups to the distribution list and then create new app releases. While creating a new app release you can choose which build you want to distribute, you can change or add a release notes, you have the option to customize the Testers and Groups, and before you send the release, you will have a complete overview about your app release. And last but not least, you can enable the tutorial that shows your Testers how to install Enterprise Apps on their mobile device while installing the app.

Distribute your apps to your testers

Distributing a new app releases with Updraft is easy and your testers or groups do not have to register an account first.

1 Create a project

Before you can start to distribute your apps you need to Create your first project .

2 Upload a .ipa or .apk file

As soon as you have your project created you can upload your first builds/ versions of your app: Upload your first build.

3 Add Testers & Groups

Add testers or groups to your app is quite easy. You just need to add their e-mail adress - they don't need to register: Add Testers or Groups on the Distribution Page

4 Distribute your build to your Testers & Groups

Distribute your build to your Testers or Groups .

After you have distributed a new release, Updraft sends an email to the users and the distribution groups on your distribution list and notifies them that a new build is available to download & install.

5 Install your build

Install the release on your device by clicking on the link in the email you got.

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