Discord integration

Discord Notifications for app distribution

Updraft's Discord integration allows you to receiving notifications when the following events take place:

  • A new build of your app has been uploaded or an update is available

  • A new feedback of your app has been received by your app testers

Updraft will send an HTTP POST payload to the configured Discord URL. The Discord integration can be configured under the project settings page of your specified app project.

Add a Discord Webhook to your app project

  1. Go to the project settings and select integration

  2. Click on a Add Discord button

  3. Add a name for your Discord Integration

  4. Add your Webhook URL from Discord where you would like that Updraft should send notifications.

  5. Chose your App from which you would like to get notifications

  6. Select the event triggers

  7. You can enable if the new Discord integration should be active or not

  8. Save and your are Done!

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