Build History

Manage all uploaded builds within the build history

Build history overview

As soon you have uploaded your builds to your app you will see them in the Build History.

Build History

Following Information you will see within the build history:

  • Uploading Date

  • Version of your build

  • the size of your build

  • the amount of Downloads of your build

  • the type 'how' the build was uploaded to Updraft

  • and you see the Release Notes

If you want to see more detail information about a build just select them by clicking on it.

Detail information of a build

If you have selected your build you see more information about it on the right context field.

Build selected

We also extract following information from the uploaded .ipa file:

  • The Version

  • The Build Version

  • The Bundle ID

  • The minimum OS-Version the app is builded for

  • The Certificate Name


  • The UDIDs of your ad-hoc certified .ipa

For Android we extract following information from the .apk file:

Install selected build

You can install every build you uploaded to Updraft. Just select your build and scroll down on the right context field.

At the bottom of the right context field you will have such possibilities to install easily your uploaded file:

  1. Public Installation URL- just copy to clipboard the URL and send it to your device you will be redirected to exactly your selected build to download it.

  2. You can enable the QR-Code - just scan the QR-Code and you will be redirected to the mobile installation page to download & install your uploaded filed

  3. Send to me - you will receive a notification email with detail information about downloading your uploaded file