TeamCity can be used to deploy Android and iOS apps to Updraft.

Uploading a build to Updraft with Teamcity

If you want to upload the app without including the updraft gradle plugin, you can do this by using the CURL link provided on Updraft. In order to set this up, first go to your project and open the desired application. On there, go to the Application Overview

On the Application Overview, click on Copy CURL to Clipboard in order to copy the executable command to upload the app.

The CURL will have a format like this:

curl -X PUT -F ‘app=@/PATH/TO/FILE’

After copying the CURL, head over to TeamCity.

Create a new Build Step which should be executed after building your app (when the .apk or .ipa file is ready).

Select Command Line as the Runner type.

After that, you can paste the CURL to the field Custom script.

Note: Be sure to replace the -F app=@/PATH/TO/FILE argument with a path to your own APK or IPA.

After setting up everything correctly in this build step, the app should be uploaded to Updraft appropriately.

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