🪅Android Icon Troubleshooting

When using Android Adaptive Icons, there is a chance that icons are not correctly displayed in Updraft. Here's how you can get the icons to appear.

When creating an Android Application, it is now common to use Adaptive Icons instead of normal image files. With this icon format, Updraft can sometimes not extract the app icon properly.

First, you need to make sure that the legacy icons for the icon are generated. In order to do that, make sure to add your Adaptive Icon by creating a new Image Asset:

After adding both Foreground and Background Layer, make sure that the Legacy Icon under the Options tab is set to Yes . After that's done, Icons named ic_launcher.png will be generated.

Now, when uploading builds to Updraft, it will extract the ic_launcher.png and show it correctly as an App Icon. However, when using minified builds, this will not work correctly yet.

Fixing Icons for minified release builds

When using minified Android builds (minifyEnabled true), the extraction of the icon will not work, as the name of the icon is obfuscated and changed to some random string.

This problem can be solved, by using the Android App Bundle upload instead of APK.

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