Install your app

Install your first app- yay!

After you have created your first project and uploaded your first build you want to see your app on your device.

Step 1 Select your uploaded build & install it

  1. Select your uploaded build with the Build History

  2. You see on the right context field all extracted information of your uploaded file

  3. At the bottom of the right context field you will have such possibilities to install easily your uploaded file:

    1. Public Installation URL- just copy to clipboard the URL and send it to your device

    2. You can enable the QR-Code - just scan the QR-Code and you will be redirected to the mobile installation page to download & install your uploaded filed

    3. Send to me - you will receive a notification email with detail information about downloading your uploaded file

If you want to distribute your build to your Testers & Groups will find all information about this topic here.

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