Paid Plan (Pay-As-You-Go)

You will get all features for Updraft, for a small amount of 5 dollars per month plus the used storage calculated down to the minute per month with a price of 5$ / GB. All you need to get started is an email address.

What can I do with a Paid Plan Updraft account?

  • Projects: You can create as many projects as you want

  • Apps: You can upload and store as many apps and versions of your apps as you want

  • 500 MB of storage: You are not limited in the size of your apps. Every MB over the free plan limitation of 500 MB is calculated with a price of 5 $ / Gigabyte/ month.

And the following features you get on top:

  • βœ” Employees & Testers: unlimited

  • βœ” Distribution: Public Link, QR Code, E-Mail, Enterprise Web-App Store

  • βœ” SDK Integration

  • βœ” Automatic Updates

  • βœ” Feedback & Bug Reporting

  • βœ” Custom Domain

  • βœ” Open API Access

  • βœ” 3rd party integrations

  • βœ” Build History

  • βœ” Release History

How can I subscribe to a paid plan?

  1. Login into your Updraft Account as an Owner

  2. Go to the Profile Section / Plan & Billing

  3. Click on the upgrade button and add your credit card information

How much does a paid plan subscription cost?

You can subscribe to a paid plan for $5 per month plus the calculated costs for the used storage above 500 MB.

You can downgrade at any time back to the free plan. The current billing period will stop and we will charge your credit card with the basic fee of 5 $ and your used storage within the period.

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