Your first app project
Before you can upload your first builds and send them to your testers you need to create a project.

Step 1: Create your first app project

Before you can upload your builds to your iOS or Android app you need to create an app project first.
App Project: An App project is a container for all of your apps across platforms: Android and iOS. It supports sharing features such as Release Management, Feedback Management and Environment Config across your apps.
    On the Updraft dashboard, click Create New Project.
    If you clicked on Create New Project you can enter a project title and a description of your project. Both you can edit later.
    By clicking on the Save button, your project will be created
Create new Updraft App Project

Step 2: Add your first App to your app project

After you created your app project you can add your first app to it.
    Chose on the empty project screen the OS- platform of your first app.
Chose the OS- platform of your app

Step 3: Chose your app title and the deployment environment

After you created your project and selected the OS platform of your app you can chose an app title as well as the name for the deployment environment.
    Type in an app title
    Select a name for your deployment environment from the dropdown list or chose a custom name for your deployment environment. If you let it empty we will name it default 'Test'. You have the possibility to adjust later the name of your app and of your environment. By clicking on Create App you will create your first app within your project and you will be redirected to the Application Overview.
Deployment Environment: in computer science it's described as a system in which a computer program is deployed and executed. Depending on the development progress of a program or an application, we made a distinction between different environments such as: Development, Build, Test, QA, Staging, Production
Deployment Environment suggestion list
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