Slack integration

Slack is a popular team-based chat application that has revolutionized the way that development teams communicate.

Now you can integrate Updraft with Slack and start receiving notifications in when the following events take place:

  • A new build of your app has been uploaded or an update is available

    • A slack notification always redirects to the specific build to download it

  • A new feedback of your app has been received by your app testers

Integrate Updraft in your Slack in your team is quite simple and the configuration will take you less than 1 minute.

Updraft will send an HTTP POST payload to the configured Slack URL. The Slack integration can be configured under the project settings page of your specified app project.

Add Slack to your app project

1.Go to the project settings and select integration

2. Click on a Add to Slack button

3. And then press Add to Slack Button.

You will see the Slack modal view screen and you’ll need to click "Add to Slack".

4. Sing in to your slack team by enter your team slack domain. Then click Continue.

5. After selecting your slack team Slack you need to authorize with your e-mail and password.

6. On the last step you can select your slack channel, User or Bot you want notifications to be posted to. Press Authorize to finish your slack integration.

7. Back in Updraft you see your configured Slack URL

Here you can choose again which trigger events you want to have configured and you also have the possibility to set if the slack integration should be active. You can also edit all settings at a later time.

8. Done by clicking on Save

As soon as you click on Save, you will receive a message in the selected slack channel that the Updraft-Slack Integration has been added to the channel.

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