Slack integration

Slack is a popular team-based chat application that has revolutionized the way that development teams communicate.

Now you can integrate Updraft with Slack and start receiving notifications in when the following events take place:

  • A new Build has been uploaded or an update is available

  • A slack notification always redirects to the specific build

Integrate Updraft in your Slack in your team is quite simple and the configuration will take you less than 1 minute.

Updraft Slack Message

There are a number of sub-sections on this page:

Add Slack to your app project

Step 1

Go to the project settings and then press Add to Slack Button. You will see the Slack modal integration screen and you’ll need to click "Add to Slack".

Step 2

Sing in to your slack team by enter your team slack domain. Then click Continue.

Step 3

After selecting your slack team Slack you need to authorize with your e-mail and password.

Step 4

On the last step you can select your slack channel, User or Bot you want notifications to be posted to. Press Authorize to finish your slack integration.