Play Store Distribution

With Updraft you can directly upload a build to the Google Play Store.

This feature is available with the Resign-Binaries-Plan


  • An Google Play Integration is configured

  • Be an Owner or Admin

  • You have already created an app within your Play Store Account

Upload to the Play Store with Updraft

  1. Press on the green Distribute-dropdown on the top right and select App Store.

  2. Now you can select the Google Play Integration, which you want to use to publish your build and then press on Next.

  3. The next step is to select the App which you want to distribute.

  4. Press on next and Updraft will check if your app exists on the Play Store Account. If Updraft found an App, you can proceed.

  5. Now to the fourth page. Here you have an overview with informations about your upload. Select your build ( default is the newest ). If all info's are correct, you can proceed again.

  6. The last step is to press on the Send Release-button. With that, Updraft will upload the build to the Google Play Store.

Resolving Frequent Google Play Store Upload Issues

When uploading your app to Google Play, the binary must be production-ready, otherwise you may encounter specific errors. Here are explanations for some common issues:

Version Code Already Used

Error: "APK specifies a version code that has already been used."

Solution: Each app upload requires a unique version code, even if the release version remains the same. Update the version code in your app's source code before attempting to upload again.

Cannot Update a Published APK

Error: "Cannot update a published APK."

Solution: Once an APK is uploaded to a specific track, it cannot be re-uploaded to the same track. To upload a new version, change the track from the Google Play Dashboard.

APK Marked as Debuggable

Error: "APK is marked as debuggable."

Solution: For release distribution, the binary must be in release mode. Modify the build configuration to set the app to release mode, then rebuild the app.

Incorrect Signing Key

Error: "APK was signed with the wrong key."

Solution: The APK must be signed with the same keystore as the previous version. Adjust the keystore in your build configuration and rebuild the app before uploading.

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