Updraft now supports even faster and easier application deployment with our new Fastlane Plugin.
If you are into iOS development, you have probably heard of Fastlane, the handy tool suite that allows you to script everything from generating screenshots and running tests to deploying your app to the App Store.
There are a number of sub-sections on this page:


Make sure you have the latest version of the Xcode command line tools installed:
xcode-select --install

Choose your installation method:

Installer Script
macOS or Linux with Ruby 2.0.0 or above
brew cask install fastlane
Download the zip file. Then double click on the install script (or run it in a terminal window).
sudo gem install fastlane -NV

Importing Actions for Updraft Fastlane

Once you have set up Fastlane for your project, Import the available actions into your Fastfile by addingimport_from_git(url: "", version: "~>1.0.0") to the top of your existing Fastfile.


Store all your configuration values in .env files. These files can be named to suit your needs, e.g. .env.appstore Then call fastlane with the env parameter, e.g. fastlane deploy_appstore --env appstore

Available Actions


fastlane ensure_appstore_environment
Makes sure the current environment values match the necessary values for an App Store build


fastlane ensure_correct_branch
Ensure the user is on the correct git branch, otherwise prompt to change it


fastlane ensure_correct_version
Ensure the version number is correct, otherwise prompt the user and change it

Fastlane Updraft

fastlane updraft
Upload a release produced by Gym to Updraft for testing


fastlane post_build_notification
Send local and Slack notification for uploaded builds


fastlane finish_release
Prompts the user to tag and push the release accordingly
More information about fastlane can be found on The documentation of fastlane can be found on